Disable Right Click without any plugin on wordpress

With the help of Javascript Code , Disable or Don’t Allow Copy, Paste in your WordPress website.

Sometimes you want to protect your content from a user who is copying website related data such as designing, code, image location, address, application access etc. Most users of the website use the right-click button to display or view Information about your website.

If you like or want to protect the website from any other user, you need to disable right click. On your web pages, the following scripts will help you secure the web site.

In this case, you need to paste the following code into the WordPress theme file. To do that, scroll to WordPress dashboard > appearance> edit theme. Now select the footer.php file to add the following code in the footer section of the website. Find the </body> tag in footer.php, then paste the code provided just above the closing of the body tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
        //Disable cut copy paste
        jQuery('body').bind('cut copy paste', function (e) {
        //Disable mouse right click
            return false;

Save the footer.php file, and delete the cache (if any) to load the script with pages. In this case, you need to paste the following code into the WordPress theme file.

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Why is right click disabled in some websites?How Its Work ?

This Java script code will prevent to right-clicking on every page of your website. So website visitors are not able to do right-click or copy-paste function on your website.

This will protect the your Precious content from being copied by the average user. We have added some JavaScript code in the footer section because it does not affect the page speed / render-block of the website.

Disadvantage Of Disabling Right-Click

We love website SEO. If you disable right-click, you’re ruining the user experience, resulting in pogo-sticking. If you want, you cannot stop anyone from copying the content. They may use an alternative method to copy your content.

What kind of security violations can be done with this right click?

This means that by disabling right-click, you are breaking into your website. In other words, this practice undermines the search engine optimization of web pages. That’s why we recommend that you don’t use these methods if you really want to make blogging big.

Should you disable right-click?

Deactivating right-click will prevent your content from being copied by new people. No one can stop Pro Copycat from copying any content.
Copycat Specialists can copy anything from the webpage. No plugin or script can stop them. If this method can protect against content piracy, then every developer, even me, will use it.

How to avoid copying content !

You can interlink all the content on your website. So, when someone copies content from your site, they also copy the links to your website. This will provide a backlink to your website and help Google analyze which content is yours.

Suppose someone copies your content and publishes it on their website. Google will crawl, analyze, and process the indexing. Google understands that the content data is scraped in the process and will never index the scraped content.

However, if the content is linked to other content available internally, that site will provide a backlink to your website.

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